November 7 to November 18, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Used to be that you couldn't use cloning in synced courses, but we opened things up a bit so now you can. We envision this being handy at the beginning of the term: you have four synced course sections, and you clone content into section 1 which is then synced into 2, 3, and 4.

Made it possible to create conditional fields based on more built-in fields in applications and forms:

  • Program (the application form needs multiple programs)
  • Academic Term (the application needs to be linked to multiple terms)
  • Enrollment (application needs to have multiple enrollment options—full-time, part time...)
  • Degree and Specialization
  • Citizenship (both forms and applications)

The pages for Fees (Billing > Settings) and Award Types (Financial Aid > Settings) now have clickable/sortable column headings.

Some smart-aleck applicants were entering HTML in application fields so we put the kabosh on that.


When you printed from the document viewer, it appended an annoying extra page with nothing but the word PRINT in the upper left corner.

A call in the API, to-wit: getApplications was returning an error if the application had files attached to it.


First off, no Focus Sessions next week. Tuesday's was canceled because Jordan Nelson will be setting the turkey in the brine and helping roll out the pie crusts, and Thursday's was canceled because he's gonna be really drowsy from all the pie and turkey.

Seems like Josh has recently gotten into trouble going door-to-door telling people about Populi features. But we told him, there's a better way, Josh. And so he got in front of the camera to continue the Introduction to Populi Series with this video that introduces you to courses.

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