November 14 to November 18, 2016 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Got some improvements we're hoping to kick out of the nest next week. Here are the ones that took flight this week:

Changed the Email/Text All Section actions in courses to Email/Text All MY Sections for course faculty. Admins and registrars can still email/text ever'body, but not faculty no more. Just the students that matter to them.

Now you can filter by Program on Academic Term > Courses. A bunch of you are probably already firing up that report just to use the new filter.

More filters! Well, one more: there's a gender filter on Campus Life > Students. Very exciting.

The Bookstore Orders export now includes stunning columns that break out the payment methods used for each order.

It's been a week or two since the last time we released some transcript variables, and the clamor for yet more became so deafening this week that we had one of our guys bang out some attendance variables:

  • {FINAL_ATTENDANCE} - e.g. 98.5%, --, 78%
  • {FINAL_ATTENDANCE_NO_PERCENT} - e.g. 98.5, --, 78

There's a new getDegreeAudit task in the API. See if you can find it!


Fixéd encoding bugs that afflicted .mp4 files.

Test scores were visible to students in courses where the Progress setting was flipped to Nuh-uh.

If you had a translation of Populi in an iframe (like an application form embed), some portions would only be translated if the user was logged in. This is called an edge case bug, but we nonetheless fixed it because our vision is for Populi to be a flawless diamond. The developers are all in another room laughing at me right now.

Retired programs remained as options in the applications to which they were tied. No mo'.

Another edge case, another facet of the flawless diamond, another round of guffawing from the developers who nonetheless fixed this bug: there was a limit of 200 on the Funds filter in the various Donations reports. It is now limitless. Almost no one will ever need this feature (except for one place...).

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