Reporting: Enrollments

Academic reporting includes:

  • The Data Slicer, a custom reporting tool.
  • The Attendance report, which gives you a detailed look at student course attendance.
  • The Enrollments report, which gives you multiple perspectives on student enrollment.
  • The transfer credits report, which lets you review and update the status of transfer courses.
  • Reporting tools for attendance, analytics, and preset reports (such as IPEDS).

For someone to be included in any of these reporting tools, she must have the Student role. If someone does not have the Student role, she will be excluded from the data the report will search through.

The Enrollments report lets you see the enrollment data from any number of perspectives. It gathers all the details Populi has on your enrollment information— student statuses, enrollment dates, course info, retakes, etc.—and lets you sift it by using the filter. Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions you can answer using the Enrollments report:

  • Which students still have an incomplete course from last term?
  • How many Undergraduate/Freshman enrollments were there in Fall 2016 compared with Undergraduate/Senior enrollments in Spring 2020?
  • Which students in the Masters program are slated to audit courses in the Doctoral program next term?
  • How many online students did Professor McGillicuddy have in the 2018-2019 academic year compared with what he had in 2019-2020?
  • How many students enrolled for Fall 2020 Sophomore courses before June, 2020? And how many of them later withdrew?

After running a report, use the actions to:

  • Email/Text students: Send a message to the students shown on the report.
  • Export XLS/CSV: Export a spreadsheet or CSV of the information represented on the report. While the report shows the five most salient columns (student, program, term, course, and status) the exports include numerous additional columns—one for each of the conditions listed in the filter drop-down.
  • Tag Results or Untag Results:Create and add a new tag to all the students returned by your filter conditions, or search existing tags and remove them from anyone in your filtered group with that tag.
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    Melisa Hamilton

    How can I run a report that shows enrollment by new students versus continuing students versus re-admit (return after 4 consecutive quarters)?

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