December 19, 2016 to January 6, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We were too busy opening Christmas presents and fixing stuff from December's features-n-improvements binge to add anything new. But by golly, those developers are stuffing the pipeline full, and I'm sure we'll have some kind of rupture soon.

Okay, a small leak already occurred: there's a new tags filter condition in the Students Table.

And this also seeped out: the addAddress and updateAddress API calls now let you set said addresses to primary or private. You can also find out from the API whether a given academic term is standard or non-standard.


The only thing we love more than breaking stuff is fixing it:

Cloned courses would sometimes give students alerts for things they couldn't access. This was actually a practical joke we were playing on everyone.

The new Lessons stuff didn't necessarily hew to the strictures of course syncing, but now it heweth most closely.

Fixed a bug that would import lesson files from a Common Cartridge file but then not display them.

Exporting members from an organization was giving some users (to-wit: those who were exporting members from an organization) a blank browser window.

Failed courses later retaken were being counted in the GPA calculation for course groups, which no one who knew about this took to very kindly—least of all the developer who shut this thing down.

The course catalog XLS export wasn't including course group prerequisites, which frankly made the spreadsheet a much less compelling read. We put those prereqs in there and the thing is a spectacular, edge-of-the-proverbial-seat page-turner. A filmed adaptation starrring Nicholas Cage is due to hit theaters and VOD in early 2018.

Some videos were not viewable on the PC-version of the Chrome browser. We did some stuff and then some more stuff to fix this.

If an admin user was working in a lesson, if she deleted a lesson element Populi would kick her over to Academic Term > Courses. This was a feature we worked hard to implement, but it turns out that it was useful to absolutely no one whatsoever.

Decimal-type custom fields wouldn't show two decimal places if the second decimal was 0. So, 4.10 was showing as 4.1. And 57484789039.10 was showing as 57484789039.1. There are literally trillions more examples I could give of this phenomenon, and if things ever slow down around here, I hope to get around to finishing that project.

Fixed another Common Cartridge import issue to make sure Populi could digest stuff from Discussions v. 1.1.

Add Assignment was taking an incredibly long time for some users. Now it's LIGHTNING-QUICK.

File-type assignments, meanwhile, couldn't be added to lessons.

And during that time, cloned discussion assignments attached to lessons would become DETACHED from those lessons in the cloned-to course, roaming like buffalo on the prairie, wandering like kittens who've tumbled out of the basket, floating like rose petals scattered from the hand of a brokenhearted maiden over the dusk-blue surface of a still, quiet pond. We put a stop to all that junk.

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