January 16 to January 20, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We released a bunch of improvements to the 1098-T report:

  • There's a new checkbox on the 1098-T indicating that you've actively solicited the TIN for each student to whom you issue a 1098-T. To that end, we included a verification checkbox in the Release to Students dialog and flag students with no SSN or a "placeholder" SSN (123-45-6789, for one example).
  • You can now adjust the values for a 1098-T. Changes are recorded in the changelog to preserve the audit trail.
  • Forms must be released to students before they can be exported or sent to the IRS.
  • You can preview a PDF of any student's 1098-T.
  • Numerous under-the-hood improvements and some tools to help customer support troubleshoot problems.

Added Degree Pursuing Date to the Data Slicer. So, uh, now you can slice that.

If you're on a terrible internet connection and you're trying to stream media from Populi, there's now a manual video quality selector that lets you match the awfulness of the quality to the terribleness of the connection.

Some new donation variables that'll come in handy north of the 49th parallel:



Fixed a layout problem with 1098-T's on pre-printed forms. A really cool thing you can do with this is use the e-file feature instead, but to each his own.

Populi was breaking some rules with status dates on the Clearinghouse report. It now colors inside the lines.

Course supplies were displaying all in lower-case. If you were trying to use ALL CAPS to electronically shout your course supplies, your vehemence was lost on your students. Now that we've fixed this, the yelling may resume.

The Save and go to Next Student button in assignments was super-flakey. Not the good kind of flakey, like what you expect of good phyllo dough or the incomparable Kougn Amagn from Colville Street Patisserie in Walla Walla, Washington(which is actually spelled, flaky). No, this is the bad kind of flakey, like the friend who was supposed to pick you up from the airport but instead drove to Walla Walla for a traditional pastry from Brittany: layers of flaky pastry with caramelized sugar, topped with a touch of sea salt. At any rate, we fixed that button.

The add discussion function in lessons wouldn't give you all the sweet, delicious options you're entitled to as a Populi user. We made it great again.

We give you an All programs option when adding transfer credits, but being the unreconstructed boors that we are, we didn't actually save your selection when you did that. Now we do.

Fixed a thing that exposed all the html characters in a communication plan email if you changed the date on it.

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