January 23 to January 27, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

There's a new show/hide 1098-T setting that lets you show or hide those forms to/from all of your students. We anticipate it will mostly be used by financial aid staff to play practical jokes on students, but it may have other, secondary uses as well.

If you want, you can now hide embedded file previews in lessons. Another great prank idea!

Added Degree Catalog Year and some CIP code filters to the Data Slicer. I know you were just thinking "Can the Data Slicer get any better?"... and now you know the answer.


If you were trying to export 1098-Ts and had dashes in your school's EIN, we'd throw up roadblocks. One of the developers drove a loaded fuel tanker through it, though, and let's just say... there's no more roadblock.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't count tuition as billed for future on 1098-Ts.

The IPEDS Financial Aid XML schema needed updating. I couldn't begin to explain what that is or what we did, and the developer who addressed the issue is notoriously taciturn, so I hope you'll just accept that we updated it and did a good job.

Sounds like that guy also made sure that we report on Accepted financial aid (instead of aid that is merely Awarded).

Email is awful and we're always fixing dumb little bugs with it. This week we found an error in the email compose window that would truncate the message when it displayed in the Activity Feed if there were diacritical marks—things like accents on letters. Fix't!

After incorporating something called browser fingerprinting into the new Login Approvals stuff we released in December, we've managed to cut down on the number of recognized devices that some people were seeing by, like, a lot.

Changed Moldavia to Moldova in the country drop-downs after an impassioned diplomatic appeal from the diminutive Eastern European republic (as part of the deal, they had to rename their capital Populivilletownburg).

Found a bug that wouldn't save the org type College if you added the school using the transfer credits interface.

Fixed some stuff in Lessons that re-ordered content when you switched between the Design and View tabs.

Teaching Assistants were being left out of Campus Notifications. On behalf of Populi, let me offer our most profuse apologies to any TA's who needlessly braved inclement weather only to find out that school was closed that day.

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