January 30 to February 3, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now reply to replies in discussions!

Custom info fields (for people and students) now have some new settings:

  • Visible to profile owner
  • Editable by profile owner
  • Visible to staff
  • Airplane mode
  • Extra crispy
  • Bass boost


You could not delete an advisor from a student if you had once before deleted that same advisor from that same student. In some ways, that's what you want: an advisor who will not give up on a student even after being rejected. But since this was a software issue and not a realization of the ideal, persistent mentor, we had to fix it.

Sometimes Financial Aid folk need to refund aid money to the source after it has been refunded to the student. In such cases the school must recoup the misdirected funds from the student. We accommodate this need with an arcane financial aid setting called Refunded Aid Recoup Fee. You can find it in Financial Aid > Settings > General, but don't go crazy with this or anything.

The timeout clock wasn't being very respectful of whether you were typing in an email window when sending a message to a mailing list.

We now make sure to include a library patron's other user roles (if any) on the patrons export.

If you like using the Campus filter on the 1098-T report, you probably didn't like the fact that it wasn't working up until we fixed it earlier this week.

Added some new error codes for ISIRs and added some other stuff to make sure we catch other error codes that we don't currently look up. Riveting stuff.

Box 3 (didja change reporting methods?) on student copies of the 1098-T wasn't check-able. All the other exports (college copies, e-file) were correct, so this error affected nothing of consequence. But since we're so great, we fixed the problem anyway.

Microsoft web browsers would hit the snooze button and roll over if you tried printing 1098-T mailing labels. Pshaw.

You like custom date field ranges? Yeah, we can tell. Well, Data Slicer didn't really like them, especially the Term End Date ones. Dutifully, we fixed that.

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