February 13 to February 17, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Now Canadians can have as much fun with tax forms as our U.S. schools! You can now hide/unrelease, adjust numbers, and preview copies (among other things) for the T2202A and T4A forms. Learn more here.

The new Repeat option in course meeting times lets you set up non-weekly class meetings. If your course meets every two weeks, or only once a month, etc., you can now set that up right in the meeting times dialog.

We no longer limit you to one Emergency Contact per person. We hope you go wild with this—if one emergency contact is good, nine emergency contacts must be GREAT!

The Enrollments report now includes a letter grade column. Oh the things we'll see.

The Attendance report now includes an email/text faculty option. Oh the things we'll say.

Course lessons can now import and display Tin Can packages. Oh the things we'll eat.

There's a new payer name variable for custom term financial statements. Oh the things we'll buy.


Something was wrong with cancelling resource holds (I'm guessing they didn't work, but maybe they also caused your keyboard to catch fire?), but we fixed it.

Course substitutions on the degree audit weren't necessarily being as rad as you're accustomed to them being, but one of the guys here enraddened them some more.

Fixed an obscure issue with course equivalencies that just told you "Oops!" when you tried to add one.

The trigger action one-off WYSIWYG JS was included globally and eating on load autofocus or .focus. A recent update created a JS conflict (or something) that broke the WYSIWYG. We moved the WYSIWYG scripts to getScript on the one view that needs them and everything should be super chill now. We also stripped out some settimeoouts we'd added to get some .focus() functions to not get stomped. Everyone with me so far?

We had forgotten to add the application reference email text to localizations, but some soft-spoken Spanish-speaking customers helped us remember.

Incomplete students were not included in the bulk export of grade reports from the Academic Term > Courses report.

Non-Canadian (sans Canadien?) schools can now record Social Insurance Numbers for their Canadian students. This feature goes beautifully with the new T11A forms we added this week.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 wouldn't let you add text variables to an email template. We did something to work around their problem.

Snipped a tripwire that exploded some students when they tried to look at an enrollment verification letter than included some custom info fields.

Some styles were missing from our new audio player, which means it looked/acted dumb for no reason readily apparent to our users.

Searching by payer name in the Recurring Payments report got you either no or incorrect results. Now it runs like a Swiss Watch.

Set the Canvas LMS grade sync function to key off the term's grades due date instead of the course's end date.

Applications were being disrespectful of the full-time/part-time choices students were making.

Fixed some maths that were missing students in the 110,001 or more income range in the IPEDS financial aid report.

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