February 20 to March 3, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Donor representatives! You can now assign donations users to individual donors as representatives. You can then filter the Donations and Donors reports by representative, which opens up an important new way to tag and communicate with donors.

The new Create Users function in the Data Slicer lets Account Administrators create user accounts for every non-user student returned on a particular report.

A new setting lets you decide whether you wish to manage course wait lists manually or automatically. The manual option lets you choose who to advance off the wait list and when. The automatic option (which matches the previous behavior) advances students automtatically (duh) on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can now attach files to email templates.

Two new Bookstore settings: one lets you not send an "order-fulfilled" email at the time you fulfill the order; the other lets you hide Pick up from Bookstore on the bookstore's checkout page.

Everyone's favorite part of Release Notes: VARIABLES! This week, there's only one new one, but it's stupendously incredible and everyone's gonna love it. For Canadian donation receipts, you can now include a variable that shows a running annual donation total. I told you it was stupendously incredible.


Fixed a bug that wouldn't fetch specializations on Data Slicer reports.

Made sure that the ability to change LMS sync settings for all courses is restricted to Account Admins.

The Advised Students report has program and degree filters, which it should've had before; thus, we're calling it a bug.

Diacritic marks were exporting and printing improper-like on library labels. No longer.

We now very graciously give you the ability to delete online enrollment dates for Everyone. Previously, we assumed that it was impossible to enter anything other than the correct date in this field, and that even if an incorrect date SOMEHOW made it in, that the error would have no effect on your school.

Likewise for advising thresholds!

If you delete a program, the degree goes with it. Try telling that to the Data Slicer a week ago, when it would turn up students with deleted degrees as having those very degrees. Ridiculous.

If a non-Academic Admin user deletes a student from a course after the add/drop date, we mark that as a withdrawal (Admins can still delete students at any time).

Added some other lead info to the export XLS options that probably should've already been there.

Fixed a bug that excised students who withdrew after add/drop but before the end of term from certain IPEDS reports.

The [!DATE!] variable in email templates would include a date in some places and date/time in others. We consistency-ized this.

Fixed an intermittent 403 error on read-only application links which affected logged-in users.

Non-staff users, when viewing the activity feed, could not see email attachments. Now they can.

Fixed a super-cool thing where if you clicked Send Now on an email template, the email you'd send would be empty!

Fixed yet another bug, this time wherein if you accessed a test through a lesson, you could not actually take the test.

Ensmartened lessons so when students navigate to a lesson, they start on the first page they've not yet completed.

Resident aliens in Canada were getting the T4A NR; only non-resident aliens should've been getting those. And now it is as it ought to be.

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