March 6 to March 17, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Some financial aid improvements for you (which we also blogged about):

  • Stuff you can see: A wonderfully informative FISAP report, enrollment mismatch indicators, Stafford Loans have been renamed Direct Loans, and some doohickeys that let students see estimated disbursement dates and accept partial amounts of offered loans. Also, a new COD step in disbursement workflows for schools using the DOE integration.
  • Stuff you can't see: Tightened lots of bolts and screws and suchlike on the DOE integration. Most of this stuff involves acronyms that talk to other acronyms.

Updated a number of things in the parts of the database that handles contact information. Among other things, you can now list multiple websites for a person.


For awhile there, you couldn't add people as members of an organization on the organization's page. This broke several implicit promises we made to you both in the interface and in the documentation—that if you did something, it would work. We now keep our promises.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't translate localized address fields on the initial application form.

Fixed another bug that interpreted email addresses in application text blocks as websites. So a school might include in some application instructions and students, supposing that this was their lucky day, could click a link that tried to take them to, I dunno, some website that didn't exist. We ensmartened those text blocks and we hope this never happens again.

Stuck degree info changes into the changelog. There's almost no place for database changes to run to now, no place to hide.

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