March 20 to March 24, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

There's a new Facilities Schedule view in Campus Life. It shows you what's scheduled in each room for each week, and has all the campus, building, and date filters you've come to expect from new Populi features.

Added a few tiny little things to Admissions:

  • Phone numbers for applications not linked to people are now included in exports from the Applications report.
  • Applications > Summary now has a Lead Source filter.
  • Added a new pixel where we had left one out in one of the buttons.
  • New MoistureLoc™ seals keep all your daily reports clean and dry by restricting condensation to the Funnel Report.

The Financial Aid > Awards > Disbursements report now spits out the actual posted date in the XLS export.

Here's an esoteric one: we now sign our webhooks, so if you're using the API, we tell you that we sent you the stuff we sent you. The devs added this to help prevent so-called man-in-the-middle attacks, wherein a malicious character they named "Sneaky McStudent" (for real— that's what they called him) figures out how to intercept information passing back and forth between Populi and your web app—and injects fake data into the stream. But since we now Sharpie the word "Populi" onto each of our webhooks, ol' Sneaky had better start barking up another tree with that fake data of his.

Okay, this one is worse: you can now customize LTI parameters. If you know what that means, I guess it's time to pop a cork or something.

The new Regent 8 export option in Academics > Reporting > Enrollments lets you export a fancy XML file that Regent 8, a financial aid software package, can munch on. Most schools have no need for this, but if yours does, ask us to switch it on for you.


We now append http://to links pasted into various text editor fields (like the Compose Email window). This helps prevent users from sending out links to nowheresville.

Fine-tuned how the Include Organization Members setting works on mailing lists so that it actually includes or excludes those folks.

Fixed a database issue that caused emails on Activity Feeds to be severely truncated.

Ensmartified the Students Table so that if a student's degree was set to inactive in a given term, that degree will still display for that student on the report for that term.

Added all the stuff to the Course Catalog export that was missing before we added it (basically, it spits out everything now).

If you were making exceptions for a student's retakes—he gets to keep his highest grade, not his most recent, for example—the retake course wasn't being excluded from the cumulative GPA. That sentence is in the past tense for, shall we say, a very good reason.

Degree info changes are now included in the change log. Phew!

Term-based custom info fields can now be included on custom transcripts.

We stopped unserializing on raw user input. Listen, if I can't translate from Developerese to English, I just write down what it says. And that's what that one says.

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