March 27 to April 7, 2017

Features & Improvements

Look at this new dropdown in the lessons list. You can edit the name or availability, or delete the lesson altogether. You now have fewer excuses to not delete your lessons or change your their names/availability, and we want to see y'all go crazy with this.

Do you like ridiculously accurate prorated refunds? If so, get aholt of us (via this link—the other one explains aholt). We recently added a setting that adds up to four decimal places of accuracy to the prorated refund calculation. Right now, we round off the prorated amount to the nearest whole number (e.g. 82%); if you ask us for two decimal places, the proration could be, say, 82.34%.

Added a communication plan filter to the Leads report, so you can now find out who has thus-n-such a communication plan or who doesn't have this-or-that other communication plan...


If there was an apostrophe in a person's email address, you could not link an inquiry to that person. I think that's kind of passive-aggressive, so we cut that out.

When adding questions to a test, they'd stick themselves to the top of the test and not where you were actually trying to add them. Annoying!

Added time spent taking tests to course time tracking.

Tuition Schedule fields in the Data Slicer were returning empty when they oughtn't have.

Fixed a bunch of dumb stuff in Library so that it's a lot easier to add resources to collections.

Custom Student ID numbers wouldn't return accurate search results, so we fixed that and reindexed a bunch of stuff and did something with the delta and...

Fixed some due date problems that arose out of automatically applying payment plans.

We stopped using unserialize on raw user input. Um, uh, so... yeah.

If you try to run truly stupendously huge Data Slicer reports, you might end up breaking the thing. We didn't fix that, but we did work on the error message Populi spits out when you do that. Hope that helps!

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