April 17 to April 28, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Files got a big upgrade!

We also released something we call the Populi Name, which we explain right here.

You can now set up a custom transcript layout for your school's unofficial transcripts.

We went and put news creation, deletion, and restoration in the change log.

Added a setting that lets Online Registration ignore scheduling conflicts.

We added a number of new fields to organizations that let you record industry and occupation data. Next to organization type, you can select from official industry categories (Abrasives manufacturing, environmental organization, blood and organ bank, etc.); for organization members who are employees, you can enter salary and occupation info.

A couple other new settings let you lock contact info and primary email so people can't edit those items without help from a Staff user.

Spruced up the Common Cartridge importer so it better handles different question types and


Found a little buggy bug that was counting deleted people in the course waiting list.

Fixed a number-sorting issue with integer fields in the Data Slicer. There was also a sorting issue on the Student Balances report—no matter what you did, it always sorted by Name. I bring up this other sorting issue solely because we fixed it, too.

Added a couple settings in Admissions > Settings > Other Settings that lets you control when and how leads are considered enrolled or are marked inactive.

Made allowances for some edge cases involved with voiding unapplied payment transactions.

Fixed some non-responsiveness with the Restore button in the Account > Changes report.

Test history could show the incorrect denominator if a question was worth less than 1 point. This problem is so obscure that I'm guessing the rest of Populi is so spectacularly ship-shape that we have to go looking for stuff to fix.

Fixed a thing that happened where if you downloaded the Admissions > Leads report, it would dump two separate spreadsheet files on your computer.

We realized that course events couldn't be scheduled to end the day after they started. If your entomology class wanted to schedule an overnight camping trip to collect giant moths, for example, you'd have just gotten an error when you tried to schedule that. But now you can! Grab your tents and your butterfly nets.

Tweaked the enrollment filters in the Data Slicer to make sure they included withdrawals that happened after the add-drop date.

Chinese characters were getting stripped out of filenames during encoding. Fixed!

Fixed a bug that was hiding the right column of Lesson content for some students.

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