May 1 to May 5, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We improved search! In addition to some back-end knob-turning, we added thumbnail images, user roles, and full name/Populi name to search results for people. It's easier than ever to find who you're looking for!

Staff users have a new setting (in personal settings) that lets them default to see either the full name or the Populi name on profiles.

Added Specializations to the filter options on the Data Slicer.


If you included more than one Program, Degree, or Specialization condition in the Advised Students report filter, the report would, according to the developers here, barf. That is, it would become nauseated and empty the contents of its queasy stomach into an air sickness bag or other receptacle. Fortunately, it doesn't seem customers ever encountered this unpleasantness—we noticed it when we saw something (I did not ask what) on our error logs. At any rate, we gave the report filter some dramamine or phenergan or some suchlike thing and, I must say, its color has much improved.

If you were editing courses on the student view, you couldn't find a course section higher than section 10. That's because of some ancient WWII-era surplus code we were using—wartime rationing limited course sections to a maximum of ten. We retrofitted something a bit more modern into that edit dialog, so now if you want to add Tommy Smith to ENG104, Section 37, no problem. The venerable code (we liked to call it "Ol' Rivets") has been donated to a local collector.

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