May 8 to May 19, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We made numerous technical improvements to online registration:

  • Registration requests are now processed in the "background"—this improves Populi's stability and performance during registration "gold-rushes" when everyone's trying to get into classes for next Fall.
  • New advanced options let you delay registration processing until a certain time and randomize registration order. These options let you create a "lottery" system for student registrations.
  • Registration results are emailed to students when processed.

We increased the number of answer options for multiple choice questions from 10 to, well, a lot. I'd tell you the number but it's kinda ridiculous. First user to bump up against the new limit gets a Populi t-shirt and maybe a carpal-tunnel wrist brace thing just to reward the sheer tenacity it would take to get there.

The initial application email now includes a few more instructions to the applicant.

Added a super-cute little notification badge to the Pull List view in Library that shows you how many resources need to be pulled across all your locations.


If a test didn't have a time limit, the time tracking on it could sometimes show a negative amount of time. Understandably, this opened up portals to other dimensions, and no one needs that kind of nonsense happening (especially in the middle of taking an online test).

Fixed a little error that sometimes caused files to fail to import from an accepted application question to an existing field.

Users with both the Faculty and Academic Admin role were unable to view lesson pages in finalized courses. Now they can, using these special glasses we built!

One-time mailing lists were broken. Now they're fixed. Those are all the details they gave me, and so those are all the details I can give you, other than this one that I made up: they were broken because someone had replaced some of the PHP with a bunch of Jurassic Park references.

Fixed an obscure data issue that affected course mapping for schools that are using enrollment agreements.

Speaking of enrollment agreements, we fixed a problem with the link contained in the sign this thing email that's sent to students when it's time to sign the agreement.

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    Dr. Joe Miller

    Does this release include the new feature that allows us to run registration for a blended class (e.g. so students can register to take the class either online or on-ground in the same course)?

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    Brendan O'Donnell


    Since all Populi courses are, as the Thomists are wont to say, onlinum in se, any course you offer in Populi can be taken by students on-campus or online. So there's no technical limitation there—it's just a matter of how exactly you want to handle things. But perhaps you had something else in mind?

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