Can I customize student ID numbers?

The standard Student ID number generated by Populi follows this format:

  • Current calendar year followed by six-digit counter. For example, the 23rd student you set up in 2021 would have a Student ID of 2021000023.

If you'd like to customize the standard format, you have two options:

  • Contact Populi customer support requesting help with customizing your Student ID format. See the "do it yourself" section below to learn about your options.
  • Do it yourself!

How to do it yourself

An Academic Admin user can set up the custom student ID format in Academics > Settings.

  1. Go to Academics > Settings > General.
  2. Find the Student ID number template setting (should be near the bottom of the page).
  3. Using the bracketed fields and any additional text you'd like to include, enter the template information.
  4. Bracketed fields auto-fill with information to create the student ID number. Your options are:
    • You must use either {RANDOM} or {COUNTER} in your template; these fields guarantee that you will not create a duplicate Student ID number.
    • {RANDOM} inserts a random number. If you want a random 5-digit number, enter {RANDOM:5}, if a random 7-digit, then {RANDOM:7}, etc. The maximum length is 10.
    • {COUNTER} adds 1 to a sequential counter. Specify a fixed length number with (for example) {COUNTER:4}—which would give you 0014, 0015, etc. If the counter exceeds the fixed length the number will get longer. (If you need the counter to start at a certain number— 0038 instead of 0000, for example—ask Populi customer support to set that for you.)
    • {YEAR} gives you the current year in 4 digits (2021); {YEAR:2} gives you the last two digits of the same (21).
    • {MONTH} gives you the current month in 2 digits (May = 05).
    • {DAY} adds the current calendar day in 2 digits (May 4 = 04).
    • {LAST} adds the student's entire last name ( SELKIRK); while {LAST:3} gives you, for example, the first three letters ( SEL). If a name is too short it will be padded on the right with zeros.
  5. Any text, characters, or spaces that isn't inside {brackets} will just pass straight through.
  6. As you work, you'll see a preview of a Student ID number below the field.
  7. When you're done, scroll back to the top of the page and click Save Settings.
  8. To return to the default, delete the entire template.

Now that you've set up this new ID number template, all new student ID numbers will follow it until someone returns here and adjusts it.


You admit new student Rael Alexander on June 15, 2022. Here are a few examples of how her student ID number could look:

  • {LAST:4}-{MONTH}{YEAR:2}{COUNTER:5}—ALEX-062200008
  • {RANDOM:4}{MONTH}{YEAR}—8467062022
  • {DAY}/{MONTH}/{YEAR}{COUNTER:5}{LAST:2}—15/06/202200008AL
  • ...and so on...
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