May 29 to June 9, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Now when you add a course substitution or waiver in the Degree Audit, you can apply it to both the degree and specialization by default.

Students can now upload files to aid applications that are in either of the needs attention and accepted statuses.

A new checkbox on Profile > Financial > Dashboard lets you show/hide voided transactions.

You can now retire (and un-retire) course groups. Your long dark night of unretireable, undying, seemingly-immortal course groups is now over. We have given you the keys of life and death over them; verily, you now have the wooden stake to drive through their curséd, once-unretireable hearts.

ID Cards now let you add prefixes and suffixes. Your long dark night of etc. etc.

Somehow tags weren't a fee rule condition before this week. Your long dar—etc. etc.


If you deleted all the students from a course roster and then deleted the course (and who doesn't love to crack a cold one and do that every now and then?), the screen would go all gray on you. Now that operation works flawlessly.

Fixed an esoteric problem that resulted in extra attendance events showing on course calenders (for Google Apps schools).

The Donors report obstinately refused to export tag and basic info for organizations until Guido, Vinnie, and Christian "had a talk" with it.

If you deleted a spouse from a person, if you included that person on a mailing list, the spouse would still be included in mail merges. Embarrassing! But fixed now.

Got rid of the free/busy checkbox for Google Calendar-using schools.

Fixed a few things that double-counted and/or double-applied financial aid refund recoup fees to student accounts.

Recipient First Name variables could sometimes jumble first names around. We nipped that in the bud.

After merging subject headings referencing the same library resources, sometimes you could end up with duplicate links to the one resource under the newly-merged subject. We like to think there is no bug too small to smash (once brought to our attention), and here is one such example.

In Billing > By Term > Summary, we'd let you filter for Term Amount Due and then give you the double-whammy of not showing you the column in the report and not including the column in the XLS export. We were really attached to this annoying thing, so we don't show it in the report... but we do now include it in the XLS export. There's no bug too small that we won't occasionally respond to with a half-measure.

When editing awards and disbursements, if you hit the Enter key (y'know, the one on your keyboard), we interpreted that as you wanting to, for some reason that is opaque even to us, delete the award or disbursement. But things have changed now. Things have changed.

Made sure that proctor settings transfer over when you clone a test. Because they weren't before.

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