Email dropboxing lets you copy your correspondence with people in Populi to their Profile > Activity Feed view. To use dropboxing, you must have the Staff or Faculty role. Here's how to set up your dropbox and use it in your day-to-day communications...

Setting up your dropbox

You set up your dropbox in your personal Populi settings.

  1. Click your picture in the top right corner of the screen and select Settings.
  2. Click generate dropbox address.
  3. Populi generates an address that looks something like
    • Don't share this address with anyone!
  4. Create a new contact in your regular non-Populi email program for this address.
  5. If necessary, you can return here and generate a new dropbox address at any time. If you do, make sure to update the contact in your email program!

Using your dropbox

You use your dropbox by BCCing or forwarding an email to it. Provided the email addresses in your message are listed for someone in Populi, the email will then be attached to a person's activity feed.

  1. Use an email address that is included on your Populi profile. It doesn't need to be your primary address—it just needs to be listed as an email address in My Profile > Info under your contact information.
  2. In your email program, add your Populi dropbox address in the BCC: line. Compose and send your email as normal. You can also forward any email—one you've received, one you've already sent—to your dropbox address.
  3. Populi looks at the email addresses in the message you sent to your dropbox:
    • Sent email: The email attaches to the addressee's activity feed. The email will display as sent from you to that person.
    • Forwarded email: If you forward an email you previously sent to someone, it will post on her activity feed. If you forward an email someone sent you, it will likewise post on her activity feed.
    • These emails will be posted with your default activity feed visibility settings.
    • If either the sender or recipient's email addresses aren't in Populi, the email will not be attached anywhere.

Likewise, if someone sends you an email or forwards something you sent him, then it will be attached to your activity feed.

What happens if multiple people have the same email address? And other situations...

Here's how dropboxing handles various situations that aren't as straightforward as what's described above:

  • If multiple people have the same email address (including people with a synced address), then Populi will select one person to whom to attach the email. It will then email you with a list of the people to whom it could have attached the email.
  • If you send an email to multiple people and BCC your dropbox, or forward an email you sent to multiple people, it will appear on all of their activity feeds (provided you use different email addresses for each person).
  • If no one has the email address to which you've sent the email, Populi will email you notifying you of that fact.
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