June 12 to June 16, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

There's a new setting that permits students to print their own financial aid award letters (in My Profile > Financial > Financial Aid). When they do this, it lets them print a letter based on your default aid award letter layout.

You can now check which awards you wish to sync with COD on Financial Aid > DOE > COD Awards. COD syncs are now included in the award history.


Fixed up a few filters to make sure you can report on non-IPEDS race/ethnicity categories.

If you wanted to, you could delete the name of a tuition schedule, navigate away from the page, and then never be able to get back to that tuition schedule's page... you could do that! However, we really frown upon that kind of thing and we took your car keys away.

Text messages sent to students with no mobile number would fall back to the wrong, non-primary email address if said address was entered during the application process, a non-copacetic situation.

If the course waiting list is in manual mode, we now let you actually manually-add students to it!

Fixed a thing that never actually worked in the first place where an automation was supposed to trigger the creation of a new To-do.

If a bad lesson link (to, say, a required assignment, test, etc. that has been deleted) exists, we now show you the problem so you can fix it; previously, your students would encounter the issue, be unable to proceed through the lesson, and bury their heads in their hands.

Fixed an oversight in which aid applications for deleted people would show up in various reports.

If you removed the Admissions role from a user, she'd still get admissions-related emails (new applications, inquiries, et. al.). Something about that didn't seem right to us.

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