June 19 to June 23, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We improved email dropboxing, making it more betterer than everer before-er.

If you like custom student ID numbers but never knew how to express that affinity, well, now you can.

You can now customize the initial email an applicant receives when she starts an application.

When a course delivery method's eyes go all rheumy and can't get around by itself any longer, you can take it out to the field behind the old barn and retire them.

Users can now edit their discussion, bulletin board, and news comments. Users with sufficient privileges can see the edit history. And all the comment boxes are using the sleekest, latest, most-futuristic code we can throw at them.

The Student Course Summary page now includes a new transcript note field which lets registrars and academic admins record an admin-level note; this is distinct from the regular roster note, which faculty and TA's can see.

Mailing lists now have a nice cute handy lil' filtermabob thingy that lets you quickly pare down the list to show recipients lacking certain bits of contact info. This lets you quickly update their info so they can get the thing you want to send them.


Quotation marks are no longer scrubbed from name fields.

Fixed an issue with the CSV import in gradebook pertaining to the calculation of final grades:

  • If no final grade is imported, Populi will recalculate the gradebook's final grade according to the imported assignment grades.
  • If a final grade is imported, Populi will not recalculate anything. It will just go with the imported final grade.

Fixed some things that caused deleted course meeting times to reappear.

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