June 26 to June 30, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Lots of new stuff in academics (and elsewhere!) this week...

Cross-listing! You can now cross-list courses at the course instance level. Read more about that here.

Program-based course prerequisites: you can now restrict enrollment in a course to students pursuing a particular program, degree, or specialization.

We improved the registration delay we released in early May. The delay now lets you process all registrations at a particular date/time, while the registration lottery feature is easier to set up. Read more about those features here.

Folks can now retire aid year schedules. That's right folks, you can do that very thing now.

We added academic term info to the detail page of an aid payment.

We stuck the device name into the logins report.


Replaced the atrocious mangled English in the Data Slicer's Create Users dialog with text so beautiful people are swearing we published one of Shakespeare's lost sonnets.

The little bubble-counter thing in Financial Aid > COD Awards now does a better job counting stuff that actually needs to be synced.

If you deleted library resources that were part of a collection, they'd still show up as part of that collection when you'd edit said collection. We addressed this intolerable state of affairs with a bugfix.

If clinical hours are enabled, we weren't showing attempted credits on certain versions of the transcript. Fixed.

Colons in emails could truncate the email when displayed in the Activity Feed. Just another one of those things that we dealt with.

The spreadsheet exported from the Donations report would sometimes show the primary phone number as "0", which worked when the donor was a telephone operator from the 1940's, but just about never for anyone else.

If you included a custom text field with the Charges/Credits export, the thing would just break into a million tiny pieces.

The API now lets you indicate that someone is a resident alien when assigning a citizenship.

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