July 3 to July 7, 2017 Release Notes

Feature & Improvements

Some weeks we're just so happy with Populi that we don't release anything new. It's fine just the way it is! Just kidding. We have, like, eighty things we want to release yesterday that just aren't done yet. Mebbe next week when there isn't a four-day weekend chewing up 2/5 of the work week...


But there are always bugs to fix.

Like this one: on the "All Programs" transcript view, you could sometimes get courses not listed for any programs displaying on the thing.

The country field in the Inquiry form would record the name of the country; everywhere else, the data was stored as the country abbreviation. We brought the Inquiry form in line with everywhere else. Conformity!

Cloning content from one course section to another would excise multi-page lessons. Now it doesn't do that no more.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't send faculty notifications about course dashboard replies(the notification for dashboard posts worked absolutely and completely flawlessly—frankly, it's one of the jewels in Populi's crown).

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