July 17 to July 21, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a bunch of new API calls for assignments and assignment groups:

  • addCourseInstanceAssignmentGroup
  • updateCourseInstanceAssignmentGroup
  • deleteCourseInstanceAssignmentGroup
  • addCourseInstanceAssignment
  • updateCourseInstanceAssignment
  • deleteCourseInstanceAssignment

And also one that includes the anticipated completion date with getStudentPrograms.


'Twas a bug where if you opened a course file link in a new tab or copy-pasted the link into the browser, the document viewer itself was tiny. Not tiny and cute, just tiny and kinda worthless. We made sure to embiggen it no matter how you navigated to it.

Syncing could sometimes duplicate lessons among the synced courses. Silly us!

Fixed a display issue that made it look like the Incomplete status was wiping out a student's enrollment status.

Fixed a problem with the export helper in the Donations report that wouldn't include Organization IDs—even when you asked for them!

If you required a file be viewed to proceed through a lesson, if that file wasn't embedded in the lesson, then we wouldn't show you the Required badge.

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