July 24 to August 4, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Two new student progress reports for y'all:

  • In Academic Term > Courses, the new Progress toggle summarizes the number of assignments, grades, and attendance records taken for each course.
  • In Advising > Advised Students > Student, there's a new Term Progress view that lets you look at the students individual assignment grades and attendance records for each course she's taking in the selected term.

While we were at it, we combined the Students Table and Dashboard into one, single Students report, now with toggles for Table and Dashboard.

Dropped a buttery smooth new specialization type called Track.

You can now set files on the Course > Info view to be Public(which lets you post a syllabus document accessible to interested students).

Don't say we never gave you nothin': we dropped a Note field on the Course Waiver dialog in the Degree Audit.

I'm gonna get a little freaky on you right now: Customizable NameId for SAML in IdP mode. That's right, I said: Customizable NameId for SAML in IdP mode.

Here's one for the haters: the Course Catalog XLS export has a new column for course instances.

And here's one for the (variables) lovers out there: we got that brand new Enrollment Agreement variable right now for {!STUDENT_ENTRANCE_TERM!}, and comin' up right after that, {!STUDENT_BIRTHDATE!}. Happy Birthday and Happy Entrance Term to all y'all.

The Canvas LMS integration now makes sure to support cross-listed courses.

That's right, it's API time. Gonna hit you with these right now:

  • addEnrollment
  • addPendingCharge
  • invoicePendingCharges
  • addPayment
  • addAdvisor
  • getCourseOfferingLinks
  • addCourseOfferingLink
  • updateCourseOfferingLink
  • deleteCourseOfferingLink

And the cherry on top of the sundae: a new setting lets you decide whether to hide grades with the financial lock.


Fixed the queries behing the Term Book List, which was one of the slowest reports in all of Populi if you had lots and lots of books to list. To be honest, it still is, but it's not nearly as embarrassingly bad as it once was.

Texts sent from the Applications report might not have ended up on the Activity Feed—that is, until we gave them a what-for.

Fixed a Bookstore charge-to-account issue that didn't properly count sales tax and wouldn't properly reduce the amount a student had left in his limit.

News items visible to certain roles would show for people with those roles set to Inactive.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't set a Lead Info set to inactive when the student enrolled.

The | character could break library links.

Fixed a login-approval password-reset snafu where if you ignored the first passcode we sent you, clicking resend passcode instead, we'd send you a passcode that very helpfully didn't work.

Made organization search way more speedier. It could be really slow if there were lots of emails on the org's activity feed.

There once was NO WAY to delete a peer-reviewed assignment file submission.

Fixed some ambiguities surrounding required fields in the Degree > Add Requirement Year dialog.

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