August 7 to August 11, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Several updates to student programs:

  • Programs now have start/end dates, entrance terms, exit reasons, and manually-adjustable enrollment statuses.
  • You can now record multiple exit reasons for a student (that is, one per program).
  • Student enrollment status can be reckoned Automatically(based on your full-time thresholds) or you can manually set it to half-time, 3/4 time, etc. This can be done for the program as a whole or for individual academic terms.

We updated a few things with course start/end dates and visibility:

  • Remember the Open to students setting? We re-named that Published, which is a much better word for it.
  • The course Start/End setting has a new option called Student Access. This lets you permit students to access the course before the start date if you so desire.


Fixed a filter bug on the Academic Term > Courses report that couldn't find courses with 0 enrolled even though those courses were sitting there in plain sight just ready for a filter to catch them and serve them up to you in a tidy little report.

Students on the waitlist for a finalized course would show those credits as IP on the Degree Audit, a notion so absurd we received the 2017 French Existentialist Theater Award for this bug.

Fixed some back-end stuff on the Data Slicer to prevent students from being dropped off reports if certain conditions were present.

Fixed a transcript export bug that would include all program transcripts together on the built-in official transcript PDF.

Faculty are allowed to update course descriptions, but we weren't letting them use the Edit dialog for some fool reason.

Time limit exceptions on tests were not working as advertised.

Added more lime zest to the "Tropical Citrus" flavor profile.

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