August 27 to September 1, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

There's a new student access date that lets you grant access to course materials after a course end date. Pairs beautifully with the access date that goes before the course start date.

Added a Case-sensitive checkbox to short-answer questions—now you can require students to use proper capitalization on their short answers for online tests!

The green attendance flag in Advising now lets you set it for 0 consecutive absences.

Added new security settings for Donations forms that require verification of card address and CVC numbers.


We released a bunch of improvements to timezones that are meant to address a number of different edge-case problems. Too many to list (even though this article is literally a list of bugfixes), most of them having to do with students being in one timezone while something gets changed in a schedule from another timezone. Maybe next week they'll release a bugfix for my laziness! (Joke's on them—I'll be in a different timezone...)

Fixed a bug that hid some bookstore items from the search in Point of Sale.

Analytics was doing a poor job with the math behind the mean/median calculations, so we got it some tutoring and it's much improved now.

Fixed a bug with the Any selector in the filter that would exclude instead of include worthy results.

If you restored deleted courses (from the Changes report in Account > Reporting), they wouldn't necessarily reappear in the Term > Courses report. Handy!

Re-added a warning about navigating away from unsaved content that had disappeared from Gradebook and Lesson editing.

The new Term Progress stuff we released a few weeks back was doing a poor job of counting the number of assignments in a course.

We no longer try to add events to school calendars (like class meeting times) if they're during a closure. 'Cos we're smart like that.

Fixed a registration bug that wouldn't keep the changes you made if you enrolled in a cross-listed course, deleted that enrollment, and then enrolled in the other cross-listed course.

Fixed yet another bug: this time the course of study wouldn't import from an application if the person didn't already have the Student role.

Transfer courses (and regular courses) were appearing in the degree audit under course groups AND under Unused Courses, which wasn't very helpful.

If a course had multiple meetings in a single day, they wouldn't necessarily display in the proper order. We added some stuff to make that work better.

Fixed a false unsaved changes warning that fluttered in the wind if you changed your personal settings.

If you retired an aid award, you couldn't disburse funds for that award that had been set up before the award had been retired.

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