How do I combine duplicate profiles?

It happens: you somehow end up with more than one profile for the same person. Since you only need one profile to store the information you have about a person, the way to deal with this is to merge those profiles. You can do some parts of it, while some parts have to be done by Populi Support. Here are the steps you'll need to take:

1. Pick a winner (and a loser)

Since you're going to end up merging one profile into another, you need to start by picking which profile you're going to keep. Here's how to pick who's gonna stay and who's gonna go:

  • If the first has financial info (student billing and/or financial aid—not donations) and the other doesn't, pick the one with financial info.
  • If the first profile has an active user account and the other doesn't, pick the one with a user account.
  • If the first has financial info and no user account, and the other has no financial info but has a user account, pick the first.

2. Transfer what you can to the winner

You'll need to manually copy any information you wish to keep from the loser onto the winner profile.

  1. Open each profile in a separate browser tab (in most browsers, you can right-click on a link and choose Open in a new tab). With the winner in one tab and the loser in another, you'll be able to keep an eye on what needs to be transferred.
  2. Assign roles, custom tags, and a profile picture to the winner, as needed. As you add an item to the winner, delete it from the loser.
  3. If you need to add the student role to the winner, you may need to modify the loser’s student ID (for instance, by appending an ‘x’) so that it can be assigned to the winner (Populi does not allow duplicate student IDs). Again, it helps to delete the data from the loser once you’ve transferred it to the winner.
  4. If the loser has any donations you need to move to the winner, use the Unlink donation function to free them up. Then re-link them to the winner.

3. We'll transfer the rest and complete the merge

After moving the above information, all that should remain on the loser's profile is the data on Activity Feed, the Student view, Campus Life, and Admissions.

  • When you're ready to move any and all of the above, contact Populi customer support with a request to merge the loser into the winner. Include the URLs of each profile (and make sure to identify the winner and loser!). We'll complete the merge from there.
  • Alternately, if there's nothing important left on the loser profile at this point, click   on the loser profile and select Delete This Person.
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