September 4 to September 29, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a couple new bulk-change options to the Data Slicer's Actions button: Set Custom Field and Edit Honors.

Added various and sundry items to Account > Localizations so you can translate more items in courses (phrases like Future Discussions, for example).

There are a bunch of new financial statement variables that pull more term-based info onto the overall financial statement. In case you're wondering, they're there because we added them.

The Enrollments dealio in Academics > Reporting > Dealios > Enrollments now has new filter conditions for custom fields and course start/end dates.

Academic Auditors can now see in-progress course grades for students on Profile > Student > Courses.

getTransactions in the API now also retrieved any information pertaining to whether a transaction has been voided.

Your school's Populi Account Administrator now gets an email if one of your integrations fails (for example, your IT guy changes something in your Google setup and your credentials stop working).

Financial > Settings has a new Hide financial information from students setting that lets you obscure Profile > Financial from students. Should be pretty handy for when you're getting things rolling with Financial after a data import.

You can now bulk export all course groups for individual academic years (using the Export button in Academics > Course Groups).

The new AWARD MESSAGE variable for Aid Award Letter layouts lets you include text that appears only if a certain award type is included in the letter. For example, you award an institutional scholarship and wish for the scholarship's fine print to appear only for students who receive that award.

The sensational new Term Refund Policy filter in the Data Slicer lets you filter students based on... I'll let you fill in the blank.


Cleaned up a bunch of things on our shiny new check-printing features:

  • We now disable the various Print Check options until/unless you set up a check template.
  • We now disable Print Check in the Student Balances report unless you've checked one or more students with a credit balance.
  • We also eliminated a bug where you could zap a student's credit balance by printing a check before you set up a template. Don't fret! No users ran into this bug—we discovered it in testing.

Aid application components now include the view instructions link for the Needs Attention status.

Fixed a degree start/end date bug that affected the stats Analytics would show you for the same term.

Tightened up a few IPEDS stats that were a little loosey-goosey: retention exclusions and the 12-month enrollment report.

While we were at it, we added a column for retention cohorts to the IPEDS Spring > Fall Enrollment data.

Fixed a mildly-absurd bug where if you clicked Submit on a test after filling in an essay or short-answer question, the button would jump down the screen and you'd have to click it again.

Shot and killed a very rare bird—when apply DLUNSUB disbursements to invoices, sometimes the invoice amount would just up and double itself. So, a rare bird, but an extremely idiotic, ugly one with mangy feathers and a stupid-looking beak.

Fixed a credit refund bug that could cause the screen to go blank, which is most definitely NOT what that function is supposed to do.

Our stripped-down SAML login page isn't so stripped-down anymore. We added a reset password button to it.

getTermStudents wasn't getting all the term's students because of a thing we did with program start dates. Fixed that, too.

We also added username to the data you could get from getTermStudents.

Optimized Home > Dashboard for faculty users—some of the scripts we were running on that page made it load way too slow (or sometimes not at all).

Fixed a bug that restricted the ability to view text messages in the Activity Feed only to those with Admissions roles.

Fixed yet another bug, this time one that wouldn't display a student's program and degree under his profile name even though he was an active student.

Fixed the display of transfer institutions on Profile > Admissions > Transfer Credits so that they're sorted by timeframe (formerly, they appeared in the order in which they were entered).

If the Disbursements report ran to multiple pages, the total shown on each page only showed the total for that page—not the total of all disbursements.

Financial Aid applications could indicate that the student's full-time status was blank WHEN IN FACT IT WASN'T BLANK. By yelling at it, we corrected its aberrant behavior.

If you tried disbursing aid for a retired award, the screen would go blank. We fixed all of the underlying causes (that we could find).

The Data Slicer, under great duress, would sometimes show you deleted addresses.

Fixed some things with Waiting List management to eliminate a TRIPWIRE and make the thing work more predictably.

Sometimes you couldn't clone faculty-added discussions because of a bug that we stepped on this week.

OCLC Z39.50 servers in Library were timing out all the time. We fixed whatever the problem was.

Fixed some bad math ( maths for our U.K. readers) in the Roster's attendance calculations.

Fixed an incredibly obscure bug with adding organizations on the Profile > Info view.

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