How to assign representatives to leads, inquiries, and applications

Admissions representatives are people who shepherd specific leads and inquiries through your school's admissions process.

  • To be assigned as a representative, a user must have either the Admissions Admin or Admissions role.
  • To assign representatives to leads, inquiries, or applications using any of the methods described here, a user must have the Admissions Admin role.
  • You can assign a representative to leads, inquiries, and applications.
    • When you assign a rep to a lead, any inquiries or applications you later add to that lead will also be assigned to that rep.
    • You can assign different reps to the lead, inquiry, and application. For example, applicant Jane Lye could have Joe Sampson as her lead rep, Tami Coral on her inquiry, and Mara Como on her application.
    • All things considered, typical practice is to assign one rep to all of a given lead's admissions activities.

Here are the various ways you can assign representatives to leads and inquiries:

Admissions > Settings > Lead Routing

Lead Routing automatically assigns a representative to every inquiry or application you receive through one of your external forms. If you have multiple reps set up here, each new inquiry or application will be assigned in turn to a different rep. In the example above...

  • The first inquiry would go to Avon, the second to Sherman, the third to Josh, and the fourth back to Avon; Antoine and Omar won't be assigned to any new inquiries.
  • The first application would go to Avon, the second to Antoine, the third to Omar, and the fourth back to Avon; Sherman and Josh won't be assigned any new applications.

To set up lead routing, follow this arduous, back-breaking procedure:

  1. Check the names of the reps you wish to include in the rotations for Inquiries and Applications.
  2. Click Save Settings.

After doing this, Populi will begin assigning these representatives as you receive online inquiries and applications.

Individual admissions profiles

On a person's Profile > Admissions view, you can assign or change the reps for the lead, inquiry, and application.

  1. Get to the entity for which you wish to assign/change the representative:
    • On the main Admissions view, you'll see the active Lead Info set.
    • Within the Lead Info set, you'll find links to any inquiries and applications linked to it.
  2. Click Representative (on inquiries and applications, it's in the right column).
  3. Select the representative from the drop-down.
  4. Click Save.

Leads, Inquiries, and Applications reports

On the Leads, Inquiries, and Applications reports, you can bulk-assign a representative to every lead, inquiry, or application shown on the report.

  1. Go to the appropriate Admissions reporting view.
  2. Filter the report to pare it down to the leads/inquiries/applications you wish to update.
  3. When the report is ready, click Actions and select Assign Representative.
  4. Select the representative from the drop-down.
  5. Click Save.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • This action affects everyone/everything shown on the report at the time you perform the action!
  • It only affects the lead, inquiry, or application—it does not change all three. For example, if Jane Lye's lead info and applications are assigned to Tami Coral and you use the Applications report action to change the rep to Mara Como, Jane's lead info will remain assigned to Tami and only her application will be assigned to Mara.
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