Can I refund a donation?

Yes, you can. Follow these steps:

1. Void the transaction in Populi

  1. Find the donation page.
  2. While not necessary, we recommend leaving a Staff Comment concerning the void/refund.
  3. Under Details, you'll see a link to the transaction page.
  4. On the transaction page, click Void.
  5. The transaction is now voided and no longer affects your General Ledger.
  6. Again, not necessary, but you can also leave a note on the transaction page concerning the void.

2. Refund the transaction in Stripe or

The transaction has been backed out of Populi. Now you need to actually refund the money in your Stripe dashboard or virtual terminal.

  1. The instructions for issuing a refund in your Stripe dashboard are found at Stripe Support.
  2. The instructions for issuing a refund in your virtual terminal are found in the knowledge base.
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