October 16 to October 20, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We started changelogging degree changes (active/retired status, that sort of thing). Now you can find out who's been drawing moustaches on all of your Associate's degrees (we already looked—it was Carl).

Course section numbers, if they aren't section 1, now display on the course dashboard. More information for everyone!

The hits keep coming: we changed the date format for transcript date variables to the more mature, restrained 5/2/2017(toned down from 05/02/2017).

Woah! Didn't see this coming: we put an EFC column in the FISAP export.

Gave the Common Cartridge importer some vitamins and now it does a better job handling file imports that contain junky XML sprinkled amongst the stuff you want to keep.


If you changed the course name for a student on the Roster, the new course name wouldn't display everywhere it should've.

Fixed an error with some greedy, dishonest waiting lists that told students who were going to be enrolled that they were going to be put on the waiting list.

Made it crystal-clear in the interface that you can't upload play unsupported filetypes (like .wma) to courses.

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