October 23 to October 27, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The Export button on the Profile > Faculty view now disgorges a spreadsheet with all of the faculty member's courses.

We moved the Sync to COD button to the Setup step for Refund-to-source batches.

The Pending Charges report has a dazzling new column called Added By, which describes the person or entity responsible for adding each pending charge to a student account.

Speaking of adding columns to reports, the Transactions export features an equally-dazzling column for Term.

You knwoknow what's coming: the export function for Library > Browse Resources now includes a—you guessed it!— column for Acquisition Source.

Okay, done with the new columns: we added the incomparable initial_student_attendance_statusto the API's createCourseInstanceMeetingthingy.


Fixed some bugs!

One little charmer calculated course group GPAs on the Degree Audit with three decimal places, even though they displayed everywhere with two. No big deal, right? Well, one guy had a GPA of 2.00 in one course group, which should've gotten him by. But the audit was looking at his calculated GPA, which was 1.995. Consequently he failed college, dropped out, and is trying to get a job as a fry cook at Applebee's. But at least we fixed the bug!

Another one let students have a look at GPA's for courses whose evaluations they had not yet taken. A whole bunch of little things trickled down from this, but we got them all mopped up.

Get a load of this: if you separated email addresses by anything other than a comma (you know, in those boxes that say, separate multiple addresses with commas), Populi just couldn't handle it. We gave it a few healthy coping mechanisms and everything's good now.Actually, this fix made some other things worse. We're working on fixing those now.

One of the most annoying was one that slowed everything way down if you deleted multiple custom info fields under Profile > Info > Other Info. Just got slower and slower. Now it gets faster and faster! That's not true. It just acts normal.

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