October 30 to November 3, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We improved Populi's interaction with COD that occur after you cancel an award. How did we do that, you ask? Besides some French lessons (to help Populi come up with that bon mot), we now lock award and disbursement amounts to ZERO, lest you accidentally request funds from the malevolent government computer with the money inside it.

You can now link a donation fund to a liability account so donors can plunk their hard-earneds directly into, say, a scholarship fund.

Polished the chrome on the getRoleMembers API task and now you can get faculty usernames from it.


Cleaned up some of the more deplorable features of the application print view. For example, it used to include drop-down menus that you could change in the PDF (how did we do that? we must've spilled something on our keyboards and not noticed it...). Anyway, it used to be that every time you printed an application with our print view, an angel got a painful hangnail. We're confident that we've knocked that down to every third time.

Found a bug that gave you different inventory numbers (on the same page) for bookstore items if you selected certain date ranges.

If a transfer course was mapped to a pre-req course that also had a course equivalency, then we (that is, all of us here) wouldn't let students self-register for courses with that pre-req. We (again, all of us here) now permit the perfectly reasonable course of action of letting students register for courses for which they've fulfilled the pre-reqs via a transfer course.

The Published setting was disrespectfully not respecting your selection of No when you used Add Course in Academic Term > Courses.

Stomped a bug that was stomping the edits you made to a student's attendance hours on the roster whenever you took attendance after making those edits.

Certain kinds of phone numbers wouldn't bring up any results when you used them to search in the Data Slicer. Now when you search using those phone numbers, they not only find the person to whom they belong, but also dial the number and order you a sausage-and-kale pizza from that person (if you don't like the kale you can just pick it off, but you really shouldn't—it's packed with iron and is quite delicious).

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