November 6 to November 10, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now manage communication plans using the API. Take these new calls— getCommunicationPlans, addCommunicationPlanToPerson, deleteCommunicationPlanFromPerson, and getPersonCommunicationPlans—mix them with the powder packet you should have gotten in the mail by now, and slowly add water while stirring. Voilá! API'd Communication Plans!

And license plates. Don't forget the license plates! updateLicensePlateand deleteLicensePlateshould work with the same API powder packets. To be honest, those packets are just colored baking soda so just do whatever.

Other big API news: all the stuff that used to say things like, setProspectInfonow says things like setLeadInfo. The older Prospect calls are still in the codebase and will still work, but moving forward, use the updated calls for all your Admissions API needs.

You can now get email addresses marked No Mailings from the Data Slicer. To make room for this field, we had to remove the Pet's Middle Name field, but people only ever used that for IPEDS and it's already included in the Preset reporting tool.

We also added a column to various spreadsheet exports that indicates whether a given nugget of contact info is set to public or private.


We were stripping quotation marks from Letter Templates. What an awful thing to do!

Found some super-obscure error that could occasionally sometimes randomly disable the Send button on an email template.

A customer found a way to create a kind of infinite loop of payment plan monthly fees... every time the fee was invoiced we'd helpfully tack on another one as pending. While she really enjoyed having to delete the extra fee over and over again, we were worried about her carpal tunnels so we fixed the bug.

Fixed—or, rather, sorta bulletproofed—the recalculate functions in course gradebooks to prevent accidental recalcs when you edited assignment grades.

Fixed the campus filter on Profile > Registration. We had to fix it because it wasn't working.

A fun one: if you were enrolled in course A, withdrew, and then tried to get on the waitlist for course B (which is cross-listed with course A), you'd end up... on the waitlist for course A! This one was so funny we almost left it just to troll your students, but saner heads eventually prevailed.

We would let blocked users reset their passwords. They couldn't get in, but still, that was dumb. Now they can't reset their passwords until they're unblocked.

Tuned up the API so it would do a better job when you asked it for information about students enrolled in cross-listed courses.

Concurrent course group pre-reqs weren't behaving as advertised—students couldn't register for courses that required such pre-reqs—and we felt really bad about that.

Faculty members were getting some sort of red, growly "nuh-uhh" when they tried to view edited discussion comments. Totally unacceptable.

When running an inventory batch in bookstore, if you used the little calendar-shaped datepicker, we'd change your date to the present date. We knocked that off.

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