December 11 to December 15, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

When refunding a credit balance, you can now select a liability account in the little account selector doohickeymabob.

Added an Authentication Provider setting for the Canvas integration that lets schools with "funky authentication setups" in Canvas do a better job with usernames from Populi.

The Aid Applications report in Financial Aid now has a Need column, something that we always thought was needed and therefore needed to add so those who needed the information could get it on behalf of those who needed financial aid.

Billing > Reporting now has an Enrollment Agreements report. I'm guessing it has stuff like sports scores, holiday entertaining tips, and special deals on electronics and mattresses. It ought to become one of the most-visited pages on Populi before long.

Everyone's favorite API call—surprisingly, it's not getMeAnotherDonutWillYa, but rather getTransactions—now fetches the check number and batch number as well as the other non-donut stuff it gets you.


For years you've been collecting information from applicants for the Ed. Level field, but little did you know that you couldn't report on that field. That's because we were soaking up that information like a lightless black hole, as selfish and all-consuming as a collapsed star. But with the new filter condition we added this week, the light of the Ed. Level field now pierces the darkness and flings itself across the face of the Leads report and Funnel Report.

Added a setting to Account > Security that lets you restrict the ability to schedule rooms and resources to faculty and staff users. See, previously, any logged-in user could do so, potentially tying up the school calendar to the point of institutional paralysis. In fact, a bunch of your students had just conspired to do this very thing to your school, but one of them, a conscience-stricken defector, told us of their plans; we added the setting just in the nick of time.

Fixed a problem on the Transactions report filter without a bunch of fanfare and drama.

Profile > Financial > History has a little Show Detail checkbox that really had it in for Transcript Request receipts—you'd check the box and those receipts would disappear from the History! It took three months of mediation and a 20-minute bugfix to get this resolved.

If courses were attached to a deleted Department, you couldn't add those courses to a course group. This related to an ancient curse placed on our company unbeknownst to us—turns out one of the developers' great-grandfathers had dug up a witch's burial plot while looking to hide a bunch of stolen Egyptian artifacts during, of all things, a harvest moon. Typical great-grandpa, but what are you gonna do? A database fix, surprisingly enough, appeased the vengeful witches and mummies and stuff, and things are working fine now.

Books with 10-digit ISBNs weren't showing up in Bookstore's "Buy books for courses I'm enrolled in" view for students. This might've come about as a result of us fixing something with ISBN's last week, or it might not have. We do know that we fixed this bug, but we also know there are more bugs out there, and of the writing of release note bugfixes there will be no end.

EXTRA! EXTRA! THIS JUST IN! READ ALL ABOUT IT! There was no way to find Leads with "Source = None" in the Funnel Report filter until about 13 minutes ago, when one of the guys fixed the Is Not selector.

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    Josiah Stephan

    Hey guys, where is the enrollments agreement report? I am having trouble finding it.

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