December 18 to December 22, 2017 Release Notes

Brand new stuff under the tree

Added a small pile of new things to assignments:

  • They now have availability dates (and exceptions thereto), just like tests!
  • The new Published setting replaces the old Visibility setting; you now Publish an assignment to make it visible to students and have it count in the final grade.
  • Test feedback options now let you choose how and when you'd like students to see correct answers and the like.
  • Gradebook is now ordered by availability date (used to be due date).

A new Bookstore setting lets you choose what terms a student may select from when charging items to their accounts.

Likert-type questions in Course Evaluations now have a delightful little N/A option.

Added contra-units to the Data Slicer—this season's hottest item by a long shot.

Added race/ethnicity to the stockingfull of data you get from the API's getPerson.

Broken toys from last year that we repaired

The Alumni report still had that ridiculous Status selector that let you choose Yes/No/Either indicating whether someone was deceased. Swapped it out for a Deceased selector.

Students could get alerts for lessons they had already viewed if they had viewed them after the course end date. The batteries on that one were in backwards—a simple fix!

Customer payments sometimes displayed with the wrong term on the Accounting > Transactions XLS export. We had to scrape the stickers off and put them in the right spots.

Fixed a thing where faculty were able to override a schedule conflict when enrolling students in courses. Looks like someone had bolted the handlebars on backwards after one too many glasses of egg nog.

Add Honor on the Data Slicer wouldn't let you choose an academic year in the drop-down selector.

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    Marilyn Mast Hewitt

    As hard as we are all working to learn Populi and to get it up and running, when I found this article searching for some instruction, I had to laugh at the "Broken toys from last year that we repaired" section!

    Someone has a creative sense of humor.  I needed it to get past the frustrations of this time.  Keep it up!

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