January 8 to January 12, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The Canada Revenue Agency and several of the provinces (especially Ontario and Saskatchewan) updated how they're going to handle the Education Tax Credit for 2017. I read what they did and now I have a headache. If you're a Canadian financial aid user, you probably already dealt with this very same headache. Since you outsource your headaches to us, we went and updated Populi's T2202A reporting and generation so those forms should have all the right numbers stuck in all the right boxes.

Updated the 1098T setting on Financial Aid types so that you can select where exactly the numbers for this type will appear on the 1098T.


If you like debugging your Canvas-Populi integration, we now provide a .zip file of all Canvas interactions in Account > Integrations. And what could be more interesting than that?

If you were trying to report on enrollments in a Superterm using the Data Slicer, ol' Slicey frequently missed enrollments from the sub-terms relevant to your query. We whacked it on the nose with a newspaper and it's far more diligent about that now.

Fine-tuned the Registration view so that it still generates an enrollment agreement for the student even if it's someone else (an advisor or the registrar) doing the registering—the student now gets an email with a link to sign his agreement. Just fabulous.

Exciting news!

  • getCampuses
  • addCampusToStudent
  • deleteCampusFromStudent

...are all now found in the API.

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