December 7 to December 11, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The new document viewer has a rotate button, because sometimes you just gotta rotate a document, y'know?

The Unpaid Invoices report has a new action that lets you tag people on the report. Because sometimes you just want to tag students on the Unpaid Invoices report.

The Export Helper now lets you include a column for Emergency Contacts. Because sometimes you just... that joke format got old real fast.


'Twas an option to delete retired award types even if they had historic awards and disbursements. What a dumb option. We don't do "dumb" around here any more, at least not in this one spot.

When sharing files with roles, we would send a notification to users with the role but no user account. No one needs this in their lives.

Someone was unable to link an application to an existing lead because of a bug somewhere that might've also affected you.

If you opened a PDF in a new browser tab or window, the computer stuff that we use to size the document wouldn't go beep-boop and the PDF would display rather tiny-ly.

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    Nick Jobe

    Yeah! Congrats on the new beep-booping. Tiny-ly displaying of PDFs was a big gripe of mine, but I never thought to mention it. Thanks for this!

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