January 11 to January 15, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

I know, I know, we already announced this a few weeks back, but since this week's features and improvements are kinda, well, meh (added a pending status date filter on the Applications report... ooooh!!!), I thought I'd mention it again: we added a Student View to Populi courses!

We actually did add a pending status date filter on the Applications report.

Gave the Contacts > People report a filter for Locks (like registration, financial, etc.).

Fine-tuned the Degree Audit for students with multiple degrees on their records. It now defaults to show the student's most recently-started degree and, when you toggle between degrees, the catalog year automatically updates.


Fixed a bug that prevented course faculty from using the Student View if that faculty user was listed as a student on the course roster and then deleted themselves from the roster.

Sorted out some nonsensical stuff where students could create private Groups that we said would be subject to Staff approval but which actually created Groups that Staff users couldn't even see, much less "approve".

Fixed an issue with Teaching Assistants not being recognized in LTI transfers.

Fixed a couple issues with how retired room plans appear in the Room Plan dialog.

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