January 18 to January 22, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now clone course meeting times and locations. Should you need an endless undead army of cloned meeting times OR you just need to save time by importing meeting times from a previous term, now you can do so easily with Populi.

You can now include files or a URL for a digital library resource.

Added some student information fields to to the SAIG log for Annual Student Loan Acknowledgements. Between this and the Student View thing we did a month ago, Populi is basically complete now.

Added those little mini calendar date selectors to the online enrollment setup dealio in Academic Term > Info. I'd have preferred mini-cheesecakes, but no one listens to me.

Fine-tuned some processes so Populi better handles aid refunds of loans in which the borrower is not the student (undergrad PLUS loans, for example).


Fixed some things so that setting a student to Incomplete doesn't trigger a recalculation of tuition and fees for the term.

Also made sure that, when working with incomplete students, assignment due date exceptions don't throw errors when trying to set them past the course end date.

Integer- and Decimal-type custom fields weren't sorting right/were sorting wrong. Now they are sorting right and aren't sorting wrong.

Fixed some bugginess with choosing library locations whilst entering new resource copies.

Cleaned up a bunch of stuff so we handle Resident Alien status better on various reports and other situations.

Fixed up the sorting in Personal Settings > Sent Messages > Text Messages so that the default message arrangement is by date.

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