January 25 to January 29, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Some new API stuff this week:

  • getCourseOfferingSyllabus orders you a ham and swiss on rye from the nearest deli with three or more stars on Yelp. Also gets you the course syllabus.
  • getStudentStandardizedTests adds an extra topping for free at your school's FroYo joint.
  • updateStudentStandardizedTest entitles you to a 30%-off coupon for orders of $75 or more from Yankee Candle.
  • deleteStudentStandardizedTest removes the misdemeanor of your choice from your criminal record.
  • setStudentStandardizedTestSectionScore earns you a free bag of organic bark mulch nuggets from the Klamath Falls, OR Home Depot.
  • deleteStudentStandardizedTestSectionScore permits you to have veto power over the frosting color of any custom child's birthday cake from Kroger.

Added a checkbox to the Clone Application dialog that lets you elect whether to also clone application dates (submitted at, etc.).

We now include the SIN along with the SSN on the Non-resident report when you export T4A's.


If you exported the Student Balances detail view after filtering it by Pay Now Amount produced an export with column headings but no information in the cells.

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