February 8 to February 12, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Huge features this week that will change your life:

Added transaction Posted Date to the Billing > Term Charges report, filter, and export. Nothing will ever be the same.

A new setting in Academics lets you replace the -- for ungraded transfer credits with whatever you heart desires. Most schools will go with something plain and practical like TR. But some wild dreamers will replace it with poetry. And some card will probably replace it with the text of the first several chapters of Moby Dick.

We made it possible for students to trigger an addAssignmentComment API call, literally transforming education and the entire 21st Century in the process.

Also added Charge Type and Charge columns (with invoice item data) to the General Ledger > Detail export, which further added to the brightness of the bright shining star that is Populi > Financial > Accounting.

The Export Helper now includes masked Social Security Numbers—transmogrifying spreadsheets with limitless innovation.

Mailing lists now include a cache timer and a cache refresh button—this lets you see (every ten minutes or so) the most updated version of a mailing list at any given moment, a moment which instantly becomes the beginning... of the future.


Added remedial course information to the Clearinghouse export so Introduction to Basic Numeral Recognition can now be properly reported.

Fixed a problem with search/adding org names that have apostrophes.

Fixed a timestamp'n'timezone issue with emails showing the wrong time on Activity Feeds.

There was a wonky addFinancialAidDisbursement issue that got confused with NET and GROSS amounts with Sub and UnSub Loan awards.

After rescoring a question answer on the test analysis page, even after the answers have been rescored, the average answer score wouldn't update because of some shiftless background process.

Fixed an issue with custom Select or Checkbox fields that wouldn't save your answer options.

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