February 15 to February 19, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Knuckle down, make yourself a pot of coffee, and get ready for this week's doozy of a release notes list.

A new API call known as updateStudentCourseEnrollment lets you set student course enrollments to Withdrawn. Don't go crazy with this one, okay?

Our Canadian customers woke up earlier this week to a world in which Populi-generated T4A's incorporated options to report tuition discounts.


Canadians also awoke this week from a long, dark night in which the unofficial T2202A XLS/CSV export elided postal codes in favor of worthless, useless zeroes and XML exports that didn't work at all if a Financial Aid office phone number hadn't been entered.

You did it. You made it. You got all the way through this week's release notes. Pat yourself on the back for knuckling through it.

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