March 1 to March 5, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Last week we gave you an assignment duplicator and percentage-based financial aid awards, a feast fit for a medieval king or a 19th-Century railroad tycoon. This week you get a stale crust of bread smeared with a spoonful of cheap cat food: the getTransactions API calls has two new filter parameters: date_field and type.

Oh, and we now show you the address, email, and phone numbers for ACH payers.

And a minor correction or enhancement to last week's release note about fixing up a few things with IPEDS reporting to better handle CARES Act/HEERF funds...: we accomplished this monumental task, in part, by adding a built-in CARES Act HEERF aid award type, the settings for which all conform to the hottest new guidance from the IRS and NACUBO about how y'all need to report such awards.


I'll quote this bugfix from our internal tasking system verbatim: "Degree without sepcialization shows a specialization requirement on its degree audit". We got a team of developers right on those sepcializations, and we're pretty sure they've all been purged from nearly everyone's Populis. We also dealt with the problematic specialization-less degrees showing information-free areas for specializations on student degree audits.

If you refreshed certain Bookstore pages too often, you'd get a {429: Too many requests, knock it off already, I'm trying to get a nap in before my lunch break ends} error. We fixed this by dealing with how that page access item images.


Feel free to share these widely around your school! And while you're at it, make sure to subscribe to Populi's YouTube channel.

A couple tips on how to use some of your web browser's built-in features to use Populi a little more easily:

Here's one for students on how to submit files for assignments:

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