March 8 to March 19, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The setLeadInfo API call has new parameters to accept degree and specialization information when updating a lead's field of study details.


That nice Mark Uncollectible button we added to invoice pages a long, long time ago didn't work on invoices posted before that nice Financial Lock Date we added a little bit ago.

Academic Term > Courses wouldn't show column for course Hours because of a broken computer doohickey thing.

Historic 1098-T forms that used ye olde Qualified Charges reporting method could no longer be generated. Future historians will likely want to look at these forms, and in the interest of future revenue streams from deep-pocketed academics, we fixed this up.

If you retired a specialization that students were still pursuing, it would shuffle right off to St. Petersburg, FL or Scottsdale, AZ even though those students' Degree Audits still needed to display it.

T2202/TL11A source data was missing invoices that were tied to Super Terms, mostly because it thought the notion of a "Super Term" sounded kinda silly.


How does one register for courses, you ask?

Yo dawg I heard you like percentage-based financial aid awards.

Did you know we let you clone assignment and lesson availability/due dates?

AND pre-reqs vs. OR pre-reqs: who would win in a fight?

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    Lionel University

    When will we be able to set specific percentage requirements for pre-reqs? Right not a "D" is considered passing allowing students to enroll into further courses even though a 70% C- is required to advance in other courses. 

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