March 22 to March 26, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The People Importer now assumes that birthdays (like 3/12/74 or 8/19/66, among many other popular options) occurred in the past, not the future.

The API has new addPersonRelationship and getRelationshipTypes methods, which nerds hope they can use to get themselves girlfriends, but will only work to set, say, a student's parent as their emergency contact.

To the All teh Dataz export of the Attendance report we've added a new column for Meeting End Time, which pairs beautifully with the Meeting Start Time column or a nice late-2010's North Coast Cabernet.


Unpublished assignments would create course calendar events. Setting an an assignment to Published = nuh-uh wouldn't zap any corresponding calendar event. With sophisticated computer technology, we managed to solve both issues.

Ugh, another calendar one: adding a location to an existing calendar event wouldn't save the location. The calendar is such a wet towel sometimes.

If you deleted an academic term, it would continue to display in a student's Program > Entrance Term field, but would rightly disappear from everywhere else. Now we make it disappear everywhere.

The august phrase ""I, ________, agree to observe {{name}} during the entire administration of this test, and do my best to prevent and report cheating." was missing from localization options.


Here's a video for students that tells them how to make an online payment. If anything we've done deserves to go viral, it's this:

In this production, you'll hear about how to save and use report filters:

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