April 12 to April 16, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We added a role that some of y'all seem to be interested in. What's it called again... lemme check my notes, it's here somewhere... ah! Financial... Auditor?

Course prerequisites now have a minimum grade setting (as do course group prereqs).

Most of the rest of the stuff is pretty boring in comparison. For instance: IPEDS exports now split first name and last name columns.

Or this yawn-a-thon: assignment due times now tack on a :59 to the end of the time. That way, if you submit a due-at-11:00 AM assignment at 11:00:42 AM, you don't get marked late.

The People Importer now only permits you to run one import at a time (as opposed to multiple concurrent imports). This limitation is a feature you've all been clamoring for, right? Actually, it really helps out the performance of the importer—concurrent imports go slower than sequential imports.

The Academic Term Grouping setting in Financial Aid will now let Super Terms be reported as terms.

We now changelog all changes made to catalog courses. Previously we only changelogged stuff that our AI-powered bots thought might have been some kinda prank (like renaming MATH101 as Advanced Introduction to British Literature).

Got rid of all the hard-coded dollar signs in the interface to better accommodate foreign currencies (and get rid of silly stuff like Academic$$$ and $etting$).


The setting for Public Term Schedules wouldn't save your selection. We just can't abide by such misbehavior.

Fixed some issues that kept course meeting events from displaying on room calendars.

Fixed up 1098-T stuff so that all schools in U.S. Territories get treated like the U.S. for tax form purposes.

Filtering payment periods by time would trigger an "illegal mix of collations error". Sounds serious, I guess?

Fixed some admissions stuff so that when an SMS number is reset and verified at the inquiry or application level we then copy the verified SMS number up to the person or lead's profile.

Improved the display of disbursements for cancelled awards that entered Populi via an XML import.

Deleted resources could appear in the library pull list.


A brief educational film about Financial Auditor role, which critics are calling a "really obvious" addition to Populi.

Here's Part 2 of our Data Slicer Series, which focuses on the basics of this reporting tool.

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