New policy for embedding Populi pages in other sites

In keeping up with modern security best practices, Populi will soon become stricter with how other sites are allowed to embed Populi pages. After the update, which should be implemented by April 30, 2021, certain pages that are specifically designed to be embedded (see the list below) will still work as always, but all other Populi pages will not work when embedded in another web page.

The following Populi pages may be embedded in another website using the iframe code we provide:

  • Inquiry form
  • Initial application form
  • Donation pages
  • Public transcript request
  • Public term schedules
  • Forms that do not require the respondent to log in

After the update, if you try to embed another Populi page using an iframe, the Populi page will not load. In case you have embedded other Populi pages on your school's website (or any other places), please update those pages with a simple link to the Populi page in question. For example, if you have embedded the login page to your school's Populi site, you should replace the iframe with a link to (making sure, of course, to replace yourschool with your Populi site's abbreviation).

If you have any questions, please contact Populi customer support.

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