April 19 to April 23, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You asked, we listened, then we acted: we added the average of cost per item for all inventory batches to the Bookstore Inventory report.


We recently added a check to make sure an assignment's due date was within the availability window. But if you wanted to add due date and availability exceptions for a student, that check would lead you into an infinite loop of not being allowed to add either exception until you'd added the other. We changed it so that the availability exception no longer worries about the current availability window or due date.

The Library > Circulation report would not sort by Total Fines or Fines column correctly; it stuck with Date Loaned no matter what you did.

Courses that were set to Not Affect GPA could trip up the SAP calculation; such courses now do not affect SAP.

Fixed up the Populi/Canvas comparison screen to address grade display issues for courses that hadn't yet started.


Gabe Stevenson continues his journey to the heart of the Data Slicer, showing you how to ask increasingly complex questions of your data.

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