May 17 to May 21, 2021 Release Notes

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Features & Improvements

We updated the Export Helper (that dialog that lets you add columns when exporting a report) with Field Sets—saved groups of supplemental columns for your exports. This article has all the how's and what's, and down below you'll find a video on the subject.

We also made sure you can export any kind of email address from the ol' Helper.

Faculty can now clone content from any course in which they were faculty (previously, this was limited to other instances of the same course abbreviation).

Added a new button to voided invoices: Repost. Reposting lets you revivify a voided invoice by adding it back to your GL as a new transaction.

Staff comments placed on the first of a series of recurring donations now carry over to subsequent donations in the series.

In other recurring news, there's a new setting that lets recurring payments continue to fire even if the student's amount due is zilch zero nada.

There's a new financial aid award type: Work Study. It lets you offer work study awards to your students besides the built-in Federal Work Study award.

If an email submitted on the initial inquiry or application form bounced, we now show you an indicator of this tragic situation.

If a financial API call fails because of the Financial Lock Date, we now provide you with a more helpful error message than the old one, which read thusly: I done me best when I was let. Thinking always if I go all goes. A hundred cares, a tithe of troubles and is there one who understands me? One in a thousand of years of the nights? All me life I have been lived among them but now they are becoming lothed to me.

Added support for .HEIC image files in the browser image viewer.


Rubric print views didn't include the student's name. Like that really matters or something. Apparently they also didn't include the Faculty or Course or Term. At this point I'm not even sure it included the rubric. Anyway, that's all on there now.

The Student View was not treating the Not visible before available settings with the dignity, honor, and respect they should have been accorded.

Fixed a cute UTC/Timezone issue that could lead to cloned assignments not being available until 48 days after the course start date.

When we released Reversals last year we never informed the Data Slicer about it so it would erroneously include paid-up students when you filtered it for unpaid invoices.

Fixed an issue with exporting students with multiple Lead Sources and Notes.


Here's one Stevenson hamming it up about the updated Export Helper mentioned above:

Here's a different Stevenson dropping some knowledge about how to take an online test:

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